Hello, it’s me.

No, not like the Todd Rungren 1972 classic (although it’s groovin’).

It has been quite a while since I’ve written anything here. There’s quite a lot going on. This past week, I quietly celebrated 8 years of writing for Give Love Live More. Wow! That’s something. I’ve written a little, I’ve written a lot and sometimes in between. You all have seen me grow over the years, and I’m still growing. In fact, my family has been growing, too. We are currently waiting for the arrival of our little girl this coming November. It’s really exciting and a little stressful. Although we’ve been parents before (to Rex, who’s now a toddler), I don’t have much of this fatherhood thing figured out. In fact, I feel like I’m starting all over again.

Hello it's Me (1).png
Image by Herson Rodriguez

Yes, I’ve changed diapers, been sleep deprived, put the baby down for many naps (while I took a sip of a nap, too), made sure my wife was good-to-go while she took care of the baby but none of that means anything as we wait for this new angel to arrive. I actually haven’t had any time to process that we’re having a baby girl until this very moment.


A baby girl!

Another little angel.


Can I do it?

You know, sometimes, I’m not sure. It’s by God’s grace that we are able to take care of Rex as well as we do. I never imagined myself being a father. I always wanted kids, and thought that I would be good at fatherhood, but still….I never imagined it. And in the same stream, this is true of our baby girl; I still haven’t imagined what she’ll look like. A few weeks ago, I had a dream that I was holding her. That was the entire dream. I don’t remember looking at her; I just remember holding her. In the dream, I was happy. That’s how I woke up feeling: happy. It doesn’t matter what she looks like because we’ll love her all the same.

I hope that I will do well. I know going in that I won’t be perfect. I’m not aiming for that. I’m aiming to be a better version of me, every day….for our family, but most importantly, for me.

Until Next Time,

Love & Peace

P.S. Check out this song called, “When I die” by Motherlode. This sums up some of what I may have missed in words.




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