Feels So Good?

Why does pain hurt so bad? I mean, I could learn to love lessons if they didn’t come with pain attached. We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “No pain. No gain.” But sometimes, I’d like to have gains devoid of pain. In the same vein, I treated pain as a virtue. I figure if I didn’t feel pain, it must not be profiting me very much (it’s not right but it’s how I thought). That couldn’t be further from the truth. Pain is necessary but doesn’t have to be present to learn the lesson, or to move on for that matter. Some new iterations of ourselves require discomfort to help us emerge. It’s not what we want, because we don’t like how it feels. But that doesn’t make it less necessary. Pain is necessary, when necessary. It’s something that we have to grow through to get to the new metamorphosis of ourselves. Pain will not appear every time. Sometimes, things will feel easy. It only appears when necessary and we can’t determine when it will show itself.

Maybe pain is a byproduct of a stronger attachment to the previous season while being moved to the next.

Sheesh. That’s profound.

We as humans, look for comfort. Although the only constant is change itself, it doesn’t prevent us from looking for familiarity. The pain we feel in transition from one season to the next could be a sign of how much we enjoyed the previous season. It’s hard to close the door on one season, especially when we’re uncertain of what lies ahead. We like the comfortable, familiar feeling of the previous season, but the new season is probably what we really need.

And in fact, it’s time to move on.

Until Next Time.

Love & Peace.



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