Adjusting My View

Sunday morning, I was feeling a bit out of it. Stacy and I had had an “intense fellowship” moment, and I just couldn’t seem to focus on anything. I asked on the way to Sunday school, I made it a point to listen out for God’s voice, as I needed something to break my lack of focus. 

There was an activity in particular that got my attention. Ms. Susan (the teacher) instructed the children, “I want you to reach inside of the bag, without looking, and take out an object. You can only take out one.” Rex was attentive and excited. He looked at the brown and burgundy bag, putting his hand inside as he looked. With Stacy sitting next to Rex, she said, “Don’t look, buddy.” Rex returned his focus towards the bag, this time not peeking. “Good job,” Stacy exclaimed as he looked at what he had pulled out. It was a magnifying glass! The instructions were to use the instruments they selected for a short while and then the kids would switch.

Rex got up out of his chair and walked towards a bush. While looking through the magnifying glass, he exclaimed to Stacy, “I see spiders! There are spiders in there!” “Let me see, buddy,” she said, as Rex made webbing noises and Spiderman gestures. Some time had passed, and it was time to switch. This time, Rex could see what he chose. He decided on binoculars. He immediately went back to the bush, where he was previously (stay with me here, I literally just got another revelation as I typed this). Stacy said, “No buddy, those are for looking further away. You can’t use those to see up close.”

Those words seemed to come alive, as I knew they were meant for me. I immediately heard that I was too close to see the big picture. I was using the wrong instrument for the situation. I should’ve been using my binoculars, standing further back to gain a better perspective.

Lesson two. By seeing my beloved son try to use a new instrument in an old environment, it dawned on me that maybe I’m limiting myself when I do this. #BOOM

Wooooooooow. It doesn’t get any plainer than that.

Until Next Time,

Love & Peace



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