does thankfulness abound?

It’s Thanksgiving at Le Browns.  LOL.  I’m here in beautiful Charleston, SC, enjoying my family.  It feels good to be home.  Honestly, I miss my Uncle Paul a little (read about it here).  Beyond that, everything is grand.  While talking with my Dad, something came up.

table settingHe said that during the holidays, he really missed home most when he was in the military.  Half of the company would go home for Thanksgiving and the other half would go home for Christmas.  There was a guy that was in his company who joined the military because he desired to be in a family (because he was an orphan).  For that guy, the military was all that he had.  He couldn’t go home for the holidays because he had no home.  There was no place home for him to go.  That made me sad.

How do orphans feel on holidays?  Do they dream about what it’s like to live in a house, with a real family?  Are their holidays filled with a “special” meal, and then they return to their living quarters?  I don’t know, but this saddens me the more I think of it.  I delve even further.

The holidays are a special time for some, but not all.  I’m sure some people dread the holidays, just as much as I love them.  Maybe they lost a loved one, and this time of year is moving along at “a snail’s pace” for them.  I know such a person.  It ails me to see her silently suffering, but I don’t know what to do.  I greet her with a hug each time I see her, because that’s all that I have to give.  I texted her today and she replied, ” [today is] Challenging, but we are making it.”  I continue to think about her each day, and pray for her.

Things will get better, or at least I hope so.

Until Next time,

Love & Peace.



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