The Beatitudes.

A few days ago, I was listening to a friend’s live video on Facebook. I was haphazardly checking in on FB when her live video came up. I felt like I just had a life-changing moment, all by co-accident (coincidence+accident).

I wanted to scream at the computer screen because of some of the things she said. I heard, “Being busy for the sake of busyness isn’t progress. First of all, busyness is an idol.”

Oof. That was a biggie.

What tripped me out about her statement is that I just texted my student-turned-daughter about this earlier today. I told her, “My biggest prayer for you is to do whatever God wants you to do (passion+purpose). The money will come, as you can see. Balance is key. We are in the age of information and hustling. Hustling seems to garner more respect than following your passion and being at peace.”

Then I hear the previous message from a live video.

*Bows head*

Dear God,

Stop playin’. You’re speaking my life through other people right now.



*Lifts head*

I’m not concerned with being too busy. That’s not my fight. Through a series of failed attempts (or successful ones, I suppose), I’ve learned that all busy ain’t good busy. Over this past year, I’ve learned to slow down quite a bit (I had help from my wife). That’s surprising for me because I used to tell myself,” You always gotta be moving your feet.” I would repeat that sentence to myself constantly, especially when I felt like I wasn’t doing enough (that’ll have to be another post).

Combating this way of thinking, I have come up with my own set of “Beatitudes.” These will help fortify my new, constantly forward-thinking mindset as my family and I walk confidently into 2019.

Be. My focus is on being the right kind of busy. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I am trying to maintain my focus on what’s immediately in front of me. I must “be.” Going into this new year, I’m focusing on the “BE.” 

Be Present. As I think about my life up to this point, I know that the best times in my life came as a result of me just being. I was alive, in the moment, focusing on being there. I wish I could explain how free of a feeling that is, but I wouldn’t do it any justice. 

Be Free. I wrote a song (that has yet to be released) that talks about not being defined by who, what, when, where or how I am. I feel whole-heartedly that this is how I everyone should be. I’m a recovering rule follower. I’ve learned so many rules over the years that I can’t seem to keep them straight. Oh, and not to mention; the new rules that have come up. Again: I’m a recovering rule follower. 

Be Deliberate. Being a business owner has had its share of ups and downs, but I’m thankful. Some of my victories have been a result of some planning, but not by being as intentional as I needed to be. I’m just imagining how many more solid triumphs I would have if I were more calculated. Yo! I’m excited about the future just thinking about it!

I’m sure I have a few more to add, but this is a good start and will cover many bases. Let’s just stop here, for now. 

Once upon a time, I was a “human-doing.” As a symptom of losing my perfectionist ways, I’ve become a “human-being.”  

Until next time,

Love & Peace.


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