40 for 40: Am I Adulting Yet?

40 for 40

I turned 40 the other day. It’s funny because I remember my Aunt Betty’s 40th birthday party that my dad and his siblings planned for her. It was at her sister’s house. We all hid in the kitchen, with the lights off until she came to the house. Then we all yelled,”Surprise! Happy Birthday.” It was a great time. That has essentially been the extent of my thoughts turning on turning 40.

For various reasons, I couldn’t wait to be an adult, wishing that time would rapidly spin forward. Today, I don’t feel any more of an adult than when I turned 21. Adulting is overrated. In fact, it’s the world’s biggest lie (well, second to the positive effects of colonization). Adult life is filled with bills and getting things fixed and making sure you have time to do “x”. If you have a family, this list just grew exponentially. Honorable mentions on this list include: losing weight, eating healthy, staving away prescription meds, obsessively scrutinizing figures for the family’s budget and trying to create as many wonderful memories as possible.

But honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought about being an adult. I still want to be embraced by my parents (thank God they’re still here), go play outside with my friends (although we live miles apart), buy a “hot sawchiss” from the ice cream man and go to church on Sunday (my informal intro to live music: both good and bad).

Pretty much, I’m still a kid, or at least I feel that way. It seems like last year when I was outside cutting the neighbor’s grass (thank you Mr. & Mrs. Gaines-RIP). It was last week when I went to prom and just the other day when I graduated from college. The truth is, some of those memories span 20+ years.

I heard this line from a show, and it fits perfectly: “And if it all seems confusing to you, that means you’re probably seeing it clearly.”

Until next time,

Love & Peace


2 thoughts on “40 for 40: Am I Adulting Yet?

    1. That’s nice to know that the future (you) confirms that it’s still much of the same. Also, Happy Early Birthday and thank you for reading. I appreciate it. #adultingstillsux

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