when there just isn’t anymore

when there just isn't anymore.png

I find that people sometimes treat friendships like a pencil. In fact, like their favorite pencil.

A fresh, new pencil is sharpened.  You anticipate that the abrasion on the paper will be sharp and crisp.  You love the new pencil. It makes you feel as though you could write 1000 words, or draw a picture for hours (the fluidity of my creativity feels like this when I hear new music).  You take in a deep breath.  And begin to write.  At this point, even your marks on the paper have a distinct sharpness to its sound.  You are enamored by this new writing utensil.  It feels power–full.  So, you keep using it, not noticing that it’s losing it’s incisiveness–at first. After some time, you notice the lines losing their accuracy. 

So, you sharpen it.  You don’t get the same feeling from the pencil as when you first started using it, but it’s cool no less.  You take it for another twirl.  Well, what happens next?  You stop using it.  Maybe you don’t use it as often: you just don’t need it as much.  Perhaps, for whatever reason, you just forget about it.

But then you remember.

So the cycle renews.

Maybe it’s texting a friend “just because.” On a rare occasion, it get sharpened….this could mean that maybe someone sends you a “checking on you” text or a phone call “just because.” So, the cycle renews. All the while, as a result of this cycle, the pencil is unknowingly becoming shorter over time…until there just isn’t anymore.

Love & Peace



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