when do you know the dance has ended? (part 2)

What kinda friend am I? Did I really love my friend? *Plays What’s love got to do with it?* So, you decided to take the introspective approach, huh? How mature. Don’t you dare do that to yourself!  If you’re anything like me, you find a way to place the blame on yourself. Sometimes, things aren’t that simple.  I mean, sometimes, people just grow apart. And even still, people just abruptly stop growing together: altogether. But there’s no need to blame yourself.

Copy of when do you know the dance has ended- pt 2I find that life is cyclical.  Maybe there was something that had to happen, a lesson that had to be learned or an impart of wisdom.  After that exchange occurred, alas, the dance was over (and with it, the friendship).  There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing on the good times of the last dance. The problem is continuing to dance after the music has stopped and your partner has left. That makes you look, well, crazy. I’m not sure that’s what was meant by the expression, “dance as if nobody’s watching.”

What if this is just a transitional period between us?  Hmmm: You could be onto something. Changes are tough and effect relationships in all sorts of ways. Sometimes we prepare ourselves for the change; if we see it coming.  Then again, maybe we can’t be so lucky. And so you have to scramble to make some sense of it, as it unfolds (unsure how things will turn out). Don’t be discouraged. Things always have a way of working out for the better, even if it doesn’t immediately feel like it.

Maybe you’ve always known when the dance ended, and often the epiphany came while you were dancing….or maybe the record just skipped……or maybe a new song is melding into another one, giving you two the chance to get it right. No matter the outcome, it’s best to be at peace with the results.

But what do I know?  I’m too busy dancing myself!

Love & Peace.


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