the Art in my Heart (part 2)

The #art in my #heart 2 (1)Happiness. Happiness is the only word I can use to describe that night. For a split second at the airport (en route to Charlotte), I thought, “Is this totally crazy?  Like, what gives you the right?  This is just a little crazy.” Nevertheless, I went.

I had such a grand time. The people that he told about me flying from D.C. to see him, all had the same expression: “Aww. That was really nice.” The photographer that was there said, “Aww man. That’s tugging at my heartstrings.”

When I was getting things lined up, I was thinking that I was just going to see my friend (as if he were down the street). Maybe it was my naïveté, but I really didn’t think it to be a big deal. *insert shrug here* Apparently, people don’t do that for other people on the regular: But why not?  I told Mario about it (one of my Uber drivers) and he said, “Man, that’s true friendship and love.  It’s great to support your friends. Wow.”

I didn’t quite see it that way; as support. I guess it could be looked at as support, but that’s not what I had in mind. I saw it as going to see a friend (a really cool one, at that). I just followed my heart.

Over the course of that night, I’ll never forget one thing Art said to me. “This type of thing doesn’t happen to me,” as he tried to gather himself. I assumed he was talking about me coming to surprise him. I wanted to yell, “You’re worth it, man! And it did happen to you! It happened tonight!” But I didn’t say those things. I didn’t because I understood exactly what he meant. Maybe, at that moment, he knew what it meant to be seen.

Mission accomplished.

Love & Peace.


3 thoughts on “the Art in my Heart (part 2)

    1. Thanks man. I just try to see…..I’m just trying to see. Things aren’t always what they seem and I have to look deeper to find their meaning.


  1. You always find a way to point out an often looked over point of view. That’s the sign of a GREAT writer. Keep the vibe in the scribe my brother….


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