Spacial Awareness

Some time ago, I was so consumed with the “what’s next” of my life. I could never fully appreciate what was happening all around me. I wasn’t living in the moment, because I was so occupied by what was ahead of me.Spacial Awareness

One day, I had had enough.  “Lord, can you help me to see the beauty in all things,” I prayed.  My prayer was answered.  From that day forward, my attention would be drawn towards something different I hadn’t noticed before.  Flowers. Trees. Clouds. Colors. People.  These were just some of the things that were newly brought to my attention.

By all means, my awareness had been heightened.

As I became more aware of the beauty that surrounded me daily, I also became keenly aware of not-so-beautiful things as well.  Poverty, senseless killings, the lack of integrity among everyday people, strife, war, wasted resources, the state of the have-nots and the like were beginning to eat me alive.

But recently, this dawned on me: When I prayed for awareness, I was thinking of only being aware of the cute, pretty and loveliness of life.  It doesn’t quite work that way.  Although I received what I prayed for, I also got so much more.  I had to decide what I was going to focus on.  I can still be aware of the issues of today’s world.  I have a responsibility to help change things in any way that I can.  But, I also have a self-promise to uphold my happiness as well by focusing on the lovely things that I see each day. A dual responsibility, if you will.

Until Next Time,

Love, Peace & Beauty.



2 thoughts on “Spacial Awareness

  1. Self care is of major importance. If you don’t preserve your peace, you won’t be around to witness what you prayed to be made aware of. Love and Light!

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    1. You’re totally right. I must admit: I still battle with self-care. It’s a fairly new concept that I’m putting to action….sometimes. Thank you for reading!


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