The absence of dreams

The absence of dreams


We live in a generation of absolute statements (funny how that sentence is indeed absolute itself).  For today’s absolution, we look towards dreams.  I hear often, “Having a dream isn’t enough.  You have to have a goal, a plan and execute.”  Then it will be presumably enough, right?  While I am a supporter of methodical plans and such, I don’t think that dreams get enough credit.

But what if you can’t dream?

I am convinced that without dreams, you are living a meaningless existence.  I say this because I was once the guy with no dreams.  They had died a horrible death at the hands of my depression.  I couldn’t seem to make myself feel any better, let alone dream.  My days were filled with a heavy, dark feeling everyday (squelching what little was left of my dreams).  From that point on, dreams weren’t in my vocabulary.  It also didn’t help that I was drowning in self pity.  That time in my life represented an existence and not life.  I was alive but I wasn’t living.  I was existing.

In time (and with an onslaught of help), I was able to dream again.  It was slow at first, but I slowly awakened out of my comatose-like sleep.  This made me feel alive!  In time, my dreams became more vivid and eventually I realized that I could attain those dreams.  Here’s the kicker: After I achieved one dream, I simultaneously got the notion that I could try my hands at another….and another….and another.  Essentially, I got more courage.

Today, there are some amazing things happening in my life, that I never dreamt of happening to me.  But I know that it all began with having one dream (and then going after it).

Until next time,

Love & Peace


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