Just try.

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The other day, I was taking public transportation.  I had already plotted my course online, so I knew where I was going.  The plan was set.  I arrived at the station, got off of the train and exited. I took the escalator up which leads to ground level outside.  As the sidewalk became eye level, I noticed my bus.  I hurried off of the escalator to approach the bus that had seemed to have stopped.  I thought, “Perfect!  It’s at the sidewalk!”  As I scurried to the bus, with my hand in the air to hail the bus-turned-taxi, the bus took off.  Well, so did I.  I started jogging, because I figured he’d see me this time for sure.  HE. DIDN’T.  As I caught eye contact with a couple of bus riders, they got smaller and smaller as the bus left the parking lot.  Needless to say, I stopped jogging.

So, I walked to the bus depot and waited for the next bus to arrive.

There are several things that I can say about this experience we’ll call “Tour-de-Metro,” but I noticed something.  Once upon a time, I would’ve said, “F*ck it.  I’m not gonna make it anyway.  I’ll just wait for the next bus.”  That’s not who I am anymore, and this episode has taught me that I have grown.  Now, I try to do whatever I can because I figure that there is always a way.  Always.  I was the guy who took no for an answer and accepted it.  That’s where it would end for me.  Not anymore.  I repeat to myself when times get challenging, “I gotta do something. I can’t just sit here.”

[This is hilarious to me because as I sit here in Philadelphia’s airport writing this, I had an earlier issue in which I had to act fast.  I may tell you about it later.]

Although I didn’t catch the bus, I would’ve never known if I didn’t try.  That’s it. You have to try.  Why wonder what will happen?  KNOW what will happen.  Just try.

Until next time,

Love & Peace



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A blog about giving more, loving more and living more. Finding better ways of doing each of these everyday. A journey through self-discovery.
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3 Responses to Just try.

  1. missreed says:

    Try Try Again! That’s what I always tell my students. Its the simple things in life….

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  2. missreed says:

    I always tell my students, “try, try again”. It is the simple things in life that make it grand!

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    • gll+ says:

      That’s the truth. You have to just keep trying. That’s just it. Simple is how life is supposed to be. We become adults and make things complex. I marvel at how easy kids take life.

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