The Rewire

It’s funny how we trap the voices inside our head that should’ve been shut out, yet abstain from the voices that we should always keep in. Crazy, huh?  I don’t get it.The Rewire Graffix

Honestly, I’m a bit incessant when it comes to my mistakes.  I tend to analyze, ponder, lament and grind them up in a blender (pressing repeat, of course).  Amidst that, I hear internal voices that help to propel this negative behavior.  My own personal, self-inflicted hell.  Well, I used to think that way.

Through intentional work, I continue to change my perspective.  Nowadays, I don’t dwell on my mistakes (too long).  I’ve learned to let go of those things quicker.  In fact, I tell myself, “What’s the point?  You can’t change it now.  Just drop it.”  This practice works, and I cycle through it as much as necessary.

I’ve learned to think differently, so much so, that I wrote myself a note in my phone to help keep the crazy voices away.  I stand in front of the mirror and declare these things to myself.  I try to perform this everyday, but especially on the days that I feel out of it.

You should try to write a list encouraging yourself, too!

Until Next Time,

Love & Peace.




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