the 12 mile road

Life seems to be much like driving down a 12 mile road.  In my 36th year of life, I hope that I’ve only traveled somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 miles or so, but I’m not sure.  

THE 12 mile road-IG (19 Apr 15)We experience all sorts of things on this road: a few flat tires (minor setbacks), a few potholes or even major repair work (when we’ve had to stop and regroup altogether).  No matter the distance, we’ve all experienced some form of this.  Some times have been easier to handle than others, but we’ll be fine.

The idea is not to focus on the destination, but to instead enjoy the journey.  The road isn’t straight, and you can’t see everything around every turn, but that’s okay.  You’re not supposed to.  

Live in the moment.  Enjoy whatever you encounter in your path and remember to be thankful in all things.

Until Next Time,

Love & Peace.




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