The Human Experience

The human experience is a beautiful, ugly, painful, joyful journey that we get to experience here on earth.  The great thing about it is that you’re not alone.  People will walk with you, all throughout your life.  If you’re lucky, some will stay.  Others will become seasonal flowers that will bloom when it’s time.  The Human Experience.

We won’t leave this place unscathed.  There will be bumps in the road.  You’ll fall.  You’ll get up.   You’ll cry.  You’ll have someone there to help wipe the tears.  You’ll run freely.  You’ll limp forward.  You’ll be blah, too.  Sometimes, you’ll even come to a complete stop to regroup.  But that’s the key: regroup.

Some bumps are going to hit you harder than others, but you can get through it.  You are resilient.  Giving love doesn’t guarantee that you will receive it in return.  Do you stop loving?  Heck no.  Try again: one courageous step at a time.  You won’t know your own strength until you’re tested.

By the way: There’s no expert in this life journey.  We’re all faking it until we make it.

Until next time.

Love & Peace.




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