here and now.


“What’s something that poor people have that rich people want?  Time.”-Unknown  

I have noticed that last year seems like yesterday, and high school seems like last week.  Life has sped up, but I don’t remember turning up the dial.  Nowadays, I find myself thinking about the future.

When is that bill due again?  

What will I do in the next 3 months?  

Will I have enough money to do ________ in a couple of weeks?

Will I be married next year? 

When am I gonna finish this book?

It’s enough to barely drive me insane, but there’s something far greater being depleted as a result: Time.  For me, thinking of the future speeds up time. I guess it’s because I’m subliminally trying to rush the process, but for what?  It’s funny: The quicker you drive, the quicker you actually……get there.  Then what?

Just think about it. 

Remember when you were a kid?  Time seemed to slowly float by, like you were under water.  It dawned on me that my childhood was the least complicated time of my life.  I didn’t have any worries (well, except maybe about girls).  As I look back at my former years, it’s refreshing to see how carefree I used to be.  Have no fear: I’m slowly working backwards toward that level of freedom.  I’m no Marty McFly, but as long as I choose to “live in the now,” I’ll be well on my way.

Think about this: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”-Bill Keane

Until Next time,

Love & Peace.




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