full of life

Full of Life

Stuart Scott died yesterday.  He was 49.

I got the news while I was sitting at the organ during church.  Since then, I’ve watched a few interviews of those who knew him professionally and personally.  They all seem to say the same thing: There wasn’t a nicer guy.  No one had a bad thing to say about him.  He loved his daughters.  They spoke of a genuine guy he was.  When I think of Mr. Scott, the word that comes to mind is: Impact.

I can remember hearing his voice on tv, several times a day, when I was in college.  He was the voice of sports for me and many others.  Yet, he was more.  For two young women, his voice represents daddy, security, love and laughs.  To others, his voice represents freedom; the freedom of self-expression and never apologizing for it.

He has impacted more lives than will ever be quantifiable. We all know people like this-people whom we have never met, yet seem to know.  Was it his charisma?  His charm?  Or was it his cool, on-air colloquialisms?  It was all of these and more.  We know these types of people because they are personable, likeable and have positively intruded our every-day lives.

Rest peacefully, the friend I never knew.  Rest peacefully.

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