about with doubt

a bout with doubt

With the holiday season now upon us, I have been preparing for a winter concert at my middle school.  Things are little different this year than other years.  For starters, this is the most songs that any of my choirs have done in my 10 years of teaching (five songs).  We’re singing a combination of challenging material (for middle schoolers), all sung in 3-part harmony.  Currently, we have only reached the end of 3 out of 5 songs.  The concert is on December 16.  I.  Am.  Nervous (a little).

Amidst the school crazy, the musical director at our church has entrusted yours truly to be the musical director of the Annual Christmas Concert, considering he will be touring in Europe with a group for about 3 weeks.  While I am honored, this is a big deal.  My duties encompass conducting the remaining rehearsals, shaping the music, and ensuring that the service flows.
In my head, I tend to combine things at first.  With that being said, I am cringing at the enormity of it all.  Since the musical director asked me to be his stand-in, I’ve been asking myself, “Why did this dude pick me?  Why not someone else?”  I haven’t come up with a convincing enough response for myself.

Can I do this?  I know that I can.  I am more than intellectually capable to do it, but I become doubtful when I look at the big picture.  Have I planned well for both events?  Yes.  Have I done my due diligence to ensure that both concerts will go well?  Yes.  I just have to remind myself that if I continue with the plan, everything will turn out well, albeit I’m not impervious to uncertainty.

I will do my part, and God will cover the rest.  Indeed.

Until Next Time,

Love & Peace



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