before the sun goes down.

I can remember many occasions when my older brother and I got into trouble. I had to be about four or five, maybe. My momma would say, “You two are going to bed before the sound goes down.” I must admit, I wanted to call her bluff; and several times we did. But, there was one day, she made good on her threat.

I forget what manner of foolery we did that day, but my mother certainly put us to bed before the sun went down. However faint, I remember how I felt that day, profoundly.cherry blossoms

I thought, “We’re in bed. And it’s not dark outside.” What made it worse was that we could here the faint, playful laughter of neighborhood kids playing outside of our window. It was pure torture. I didn’t like it. My heart seemed to sink with each shallow step heard on the concrete.


As bad as that was, I look back upon those days, and I wish that they would return. At that time, our only responsibility was to play and not get into trouble. All of my grandparents were still alive. I didn’t live 500+ miles away from my Mom & Dad. My parents didn’t have much gray hair then.

On the flip side, I wouldn’t have two cool siblings, two amazing sisters-in-law, five outstanding nieces and nephews and a great girlfriend. I understand that time moves on, but it is still nice to take a nostalgic walk down the lane we call “memory”.

I am reminded to work while it is day, because when night comes, no man may work. So, I journey on, putting one foot in front of the other. I keep working…..

before the sun goes down.

Until next time.




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