lighten up

For those who really know me, know that I have learned to work: and love it.  I get it earnestly from my father and grandfather.  I watched those two men work hard, so I am the exact same way.  My lady often tells me to “go sit down somewhere”, because I’m always working on something (like I am right now, at 3am, returning from Orlando).  Ha!

So, the high school band I am currently on staff with (as the drum instructor), invited me to Disney with them for their Spring Trip.  They were participating in a parade, during the trip.  After some thought, I agreed.

[Fast-forward to the actual trip.]

I was a little hesitant, harboring angst about going because I didn’t really know what I would do there.  My life is built around work and lists.  If there’s nothing that needs to be done, I feel outta place.  This behavior is an introvert’s coping mechanism.  En route to the park, I thought, “What will I do there?  I have no idea.  I don’t know about all of this.”  But things weren’t bad at all.  I was invited to join the group of two staff members and we had a blast.  We ate, laughed and was just plain silly.  It was great for me to not be so uptight.


It’s time to play in the parade down Main Street USA.  I have the drumline warming up, and I’m approached by one of the park liaisons.  She says,”Sir, are you marching with the band?”  I respond in the affirmative.  She then says, “I’m sorry, but you cannot wear jeans and your shoes must be black.  I’m going to see if I can find you some black pansy and shoes.”  I was a little uneasy, but I agreed, as I continued to get the line warm. She returns moments later, calling the directors (myself included), saying, “Unfortunately, directors and staff must be dressed up, and therefore some of your staff will not be allowed to participate.”

I was devastated.  To me, the purpose of this whole trip was to march in the parade, or to do work.  Apparently, God must’ve had other plans.  I went on the bus and collected myself.  Honestly, I wanted to cry.  I was mad because I felt like I should’ve known about the dress code before that day.  I chalked it up to me not doing my due diligence.  My buddy, Jay, came on the bus and asked if I was alright.  I told him I was and then he left.

I instantly texted my lady.  I figured she would be able to calm me down and make some sense of things.  I told her what had happened.  She apologized and then said, “Maybe your reasons for going and God’s reasons for having you there are different on this trip.  I’ve been praying that you would be better at just having fun and not being so work focused… maybe it was about you having some fun and relaxing and building relationships with the kids/parents.”

I was thinking,” What?!  You’ve been the culprit this whole time?!  Your prayers work, apparently.” After some time, I came to my senses.

Maybe she was right.  I’m always thinking of what I can improve or work on in my life.  It never stops.  Maybe God was trying to show me a better way.  During this trip, I’ve had more conversations with students and parents than ever before……and I loved it.

Okay, God.  I got it.

Until next time.




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