home is where the heart is

I received a phone call Friday night, from my cousin.  This is one of my cousins whom I love very much.  Londa has always treated me the same since we were kids (she’s a little older than me).  Anyway, she was calling to let me know that she was in my area, touring with the University’s choir.  We talked for a while that night.  I told her that I had to play at church on Sunday morning and would try to make it out to see her (lest we forget, I am currently carless).

Londa & Me
Londa & Me

After some schedule arranging, I was able to surprise her and visit the church where the choir was singing.  As she sat on the front pew, I approached her (from her blindside) by saying, “Excuse me.  Is this seat taken?”  She looked at me with her mouth agape and shouted, “[Insert childhood nickname here]!  You surprised me!”  We instantly hugged and said our “I love you’s.”  It was a great feeling to see her, considering it had been about 5 or 6 years since we had seen each other last.

As I listened to the choir singing, I could hear Londa singing next to me.  It sounded like home.  If I had closed my eyes, I could’ve sworn that I was back in Charleston.  It made me miss home, my family and all the wonderful things that happened in my childhood.  I just sat there, listening at first, then joining in with the various tones that were ringing out all around me.

In that moment, I was home.

My brother and his family came by, too.  The enormity of everything jostled me further into reflections of wonderful memories I had as a child.  My parents.  My siblings.  My cousins.  My aunts.  My uncles.  My grandfather.  My grandmother.  Family; past and present.  There are so many love-filled memories that are flowing through me.  As we left, we hugged a few times and said our goodbyes.  She said, “I’m not going to cry.  I have to be a big girl.”  I knew what she meant, as she shared my taciturn sentiments.

My brother, his wife, my nephew, my sweetie and Londa enjoyed each other’s company, while eating dinner.  We shared so many great laughs.  The time was well-invested: in love.

Today was indeed a great day.

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