Life’s beauty song

On a daily basis, throughout social media, I’ve found yet another common theme: counting.  I’ve seen such posts from, “Let’s get this money,” and “Special thanks to my motivators [haters],” to “These [women] are on me like….”  What’s the point of all of this?  Why is there so much talk about things that don’t mean very much?  More directly: Isn’t life much more than this?

Today, I saw one of my friends speak aloud on Facebook about how unfair it was for him to lose his brother.  The two of them were very close, considering I saw them interact throughout high school.  It hurt me to see him hurt.  It hit hard enough that I had to sit down for a few seconds.  I kept repeating the news to myself, “Naw, man.  Really?  Naw, man.”  I kept thinking of my friend and how he must be feeling, left here to pick up the pieces.

I wasn’t really sure what I could possibly say to help console him.  I haven’t experienced this.  I couldn’t fathom the idea of losing someone so close to me.  But, finally, I settled upon these words: “G, I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’m here, if you ever wanted to talk. I’m hurt because I knew how close you two are.  I have no words, but I offer an ear to listen.  My number is: xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Cry if you need to.  Curse if you want to.  Throw things if you must.  Do whatever you can to deal with the pain, brother.  Peace.”

It’s crazy how, through other’s adversity, I am constantly reminded of how fragile life truly is.  I try to respect life, although I fail at doing that sometimes.  Amidst its twists and turns, I search for each day’s beauty song within it.  It’s easily heard, some days.  Other times, I have to strain to hear its faint glimpses off in the distance.  Even in my own struggles, I’m still listening for it….counting on it.

We go through life doing the best that we can, with what we’ve been given, hoping that we’ll see our life’s work come to completion.

In the meantime: Listen for each day’s beauty song.

Until Next time,




Rest Peacefully, Q. D.  I will be thinking of your family during this time.


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