the power of love

As I sit here at the table, its 2:33 am.  I should be asleep considering I will be serving in a few hours.  But there are some things that rattle my soul and sleep will only postpone what I ails me.

Love is one of the most powerful, misused and misunderstood things on Earth.  We know what it looks like when shown, but can’t quite sum it up into words.  The word is abused and used to mask something more sinister, yet we all need it to survive.  We all journey through life searching for love, yet without it, we are hopeless.

It can cause you to smile for no reason, and cry at the same time.  Men have traveled great distances in its name.  Love inspires us to do things that make us look crazy.  Women have changed their names for it.  Some people try to live off of it.  Men have fought for it.  Folks have even given their lives for love.

It sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

But we also love to hate others for the sake of religion.  We use the love of self-comfort to neglect our brother or sister in their hour of need.  Love has been used to tell others that they will burn in hell because of their lifestyle.  A love-less life causes people to mutilate themselves, in hopes that that will earn them love.  Love has stared death in the face and told it to suck it.  It has been used to tell people that they shouldn’t be together because they don’t look alike.

How is this okay?

The power of love is awesome.  It is strong.  It is unrelenting.  It is a healing ointment to the soul.  It cleanses.  Love causes you to forgive others.  Love causes you to forgive yourself.  It causes you to wait, when you really want to go.

Love is action.

Until next time,

LOVE +✌️



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