things I’d tell myself


Hey dude.  I’m you, just about 24 years older.  Nice shirt, by the way.  I liked that shirt a lot.  There are a few things I’d like to tell you, to help you dodge unnecessary heartache.  You’ll do great, if you listen.

#1. Accepting yourself is the true definition of being “cool”.  You’ll be in good shape by always remembering to love yourself.  Fuck what others think.  You won’t ever live up to their standard of you.  Their thoughts about their idea of who you should be are insatiable.  They don’t know how awesome you are (but I do)!  It took me a majority of my life to figure that one out.

#2. Learn the rules and find ways to get around them.  I always took “no” for an answer and I’m sure that protected me in some ways, but I am learning that “no” is just a way for you to think of ways to work around it.  This goes along with never giving up.  Persistence pays off in the end.

#3. You’re awesome (know your worth).  You’re the coolest guy ever and the people in your life should recognize that.  Otherwise, why have them around?  Never settle for the imitation in leu of the real thing.  The substitutes will only hurt you.  Like I always tell myself, “A $10-bill doesn’t have to convince others of it’s value.  People just recognize it for what it is, right away.”

#4. Don’t think too much!  You’ll only stress yourself out (and get grey hair).  While your mind is powerful beyond measure, you can’t think your way through everything.  You were created as a being that was created to feel emotion.  There’s a purpose for those, too.  Learn to give more, love more and live more (pun intended). HA!  You’ll live a great life when you do.  Allow yourself to feel sometimes.

#5. Make more mistakes and take more risks.  It’s the only way you’ll learn how to navigate through life.  I can’t tell you how many times I wish someone would’ve told me that when I was your age (well, I guess I am telling me that, now aren’t I)?  Charting through unknown waters can be unnerving, but someone has to do it.  Why not you?  Things aren’t always the way they seem, at first.  What can be scary at first glance, can blossom into something that is more beautiful than your most vivid dream.  You were created to be great, so don’t sell yourself short.

#6. Kill your pride DAILY.  People will love to be around you if your pride’s not in the way.  Don’t be too proud to say “thank you”, or “excuse me.”  It shows your strength to ask for help.  Never be too proud to ask for forgiveness.  Never think that you above anyone, for any reason.  Only look down at a person to help them back up.  It’s only right.

#7. Keep smiling.  This one has served me well my entire life (up to this point).  No matter how much money you have or don’t have, just keep smiling.  You will be known by that smile.  Things will always get better.  If you find yourself going through hell, don’t stop.  Keep going, with a smile.  You will brighten other’s day by smiling.  And it’s contagious!

#8.  Don’t be in a rush to do all that “lovin’.”  In a couple of years, you’ll find out the joy of masturbation, but that’s all you’ll need to do for a while.  You’ll hear stories about how you need to do “it”, but take your time.  You’ll meet a woman, one day, who you’ll want to give all of yourself to.  She’ll be all you’ve every dreamed of and more.  She’ll show how much she supports you, through her everyday actions.  You’ll find yourself wanting to work an extra job to see to it that she’s taken care of.  This, fine sir, is who you’ll want around forever.  Trust me on this.

#9. Do YOUR work (through discovering who you are)!  As it has once been said, “You won’t get full by looking at someone else’s plate.”  With that, don’t worry about what someone else is doing, because you don’t really know what they had to do to get or keep it.  The work that’s assigned to their hands is their business.  Not yours.  You do what has been assigned to your hands.  If you don’t know, do something.  God will guide you to what you have to do.  We all have a specific job to do here on earth.  Work out your own salvation, because it’s not you who has assigned the work to begin with (Phil. 2:12 &13).  Just listen.  You’ll figure it out.

#9. Dream big.  Wake up.  And chase.  Dream big, my man.  You may not quite get this one yet, but whatever you love, keep after it.  The secret is this: Once you achieve one dream, you will realize that you can accomplish anything you set your power [mind] to.  Your dreams have been placed inside of you by God, and there’s nothing that you can’t do (under His guidance).  Don’t let them scare you.  The fact that your dreams scare you, is an indicator that you need God’s help anyway.

Just take those lessons that I am currently living and you will do well.  Take care, little buddy, and try to preserve that shirt.  You may want to wear it when you get my age.

Until Next time,

Love & Peace.



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