today’s lesson


The other day, I had a “wow” moment.  Marching band rehearsal had just ended, so I was walking off of the field.  Just as I was walking on the track that surrounds the football field, it happened.  I decided to close my eyes.  While this was no normal event, it became interesting as I continued to walk.  First, I closed my eyes for a step or two, then I went about ten full steps whilst they remained shut.  It was strange at first, but I managed to stay on the track (although it wasn’t pretty).  I thought, to myself, “You can do it.  Just a few paces forward.  Have faith.”

Clearly, this was a lesson in faith.  Faith requires us to, “take the first step, although we can’t see the whole staircase” (Martin Luther King, Jr.).  While walking blindly on the track is miniscule in comparison to life, it provides an excellent starting point.

The next 20 months will prove to be the most faith-tested time period of my entire life. I am uncertain of what lies ahead, but a new chapter is on the horizon.  This will provide a faith-growing opportunity.  Sure, I’m a little worried about my next career move, but it’s time for a shift.  While I love teaching, I vowed that I wouldn’t retire from teaching (I said this on my first day in the classroom).  I can feel things changing in my atmosphere, and I’m positioning myself.

[There will be more to come on this topic in later posts, I’m sure.]

Back to this track.  Did I stay within my starting lane?  No.  The point is that I stayed on the track.  I could’ve played it safe by keeping my eyes open, but that wasn’t in the plan: at least not today.  I had to just blindly trust that I would be fine: and I was. Perfectly fine.

The scariest part is always choosing to do something different.   It’s all in what you believe.

What will you do differently today?

Until Next time,

Love & Peace.



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