Birds of a feather….

There’s a strange occurrence in my life: I have friends.  Before you think I’m going nuts, just hear me out.  I had a complex for much of my life: I thought that no one could out-give me, out of my group of friends.  Honestly, I felt like no one could love like I could, and I felt cheated.  I would ask God, “I’m a good friend.  Don’t I deserve someone who can match my efforts?”  While I have been waiting for His answer, I have come to this conclusion: Yes.

That’s not the half of it, though.  The truth was that I attracted such people into my life.  I couldn’t tell the double-agents from those who were true because I wasn’t whole.  Through much prayer and work, God has made me whole.  I can see things more clearly than I ever have and people who don’t belong in my life are simply falling away.  This is an awesome feeling of which I do not know how to handle yet; Which brings me to my point.

Currently, the friends that I am surrounded by are those that reflect me: Non-judgmental, loving, caring and wholesome.  They care for me as much as I care for them.  They love me and my stuff.  This speaks volumes to me because I always freely gave that type of love, but secretly thought I didn’t deserve it in return.  These friends give with no strings attached or hidden agendas.  I feel full of gratitude.  Gratitude

Maybe this is what’s meant by, “According to your faith, be it unto you,” (Matthew 9:29b KJV).  This journey called life has me at a loss for words.

Until next time,

Love & Peace



2 thoughts on “Birds of a feather….

  1. You are an amazing and passionate person. Your positive attitude and amazing personality are magnetic. You deserve only love, kindness, and happiness in all that you do….as you always give that. I haven’t known you forever, but I am so grateful to call you my friend and know first hand just how awesome you are.

    I am not trying to fluff an ego….or be silly (just being honest!), you are a great person and a great friend. I feel blessed and thankful to know you, thank you for always being so passionate about life and being a true diamond in the rough!


    1. Wow, Trisha. Thank you for commenting. I do not take your words lightly. It hasn’t been easy, but I try, everyday, to find the positive stream in everything. Some days I have to look really hard, while other days it takes no effort at all. Thank you for reading. I am honored and happy to call you friend.


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