What isn’t, is.

Picture by Abbie Rudolph
Picture by Abbie Rudolph

This has been one of the best summers I’ve ever had.  I was on vacation for about a month.  I saw old friends and met new ones.  About midway through my tour, I spent about 2 weeks with most of my nuclear-family.  It was great.  We laughed, got on each other’s nerves and everything in between.  I still had a great time.

Transitioning back home has allowed me to see something that I couldn’t see until then: I’m lonely.

Now, before you think I’m going to go into a rendition of Alone Again by Gilbert O’Sullivan, just know that I’m not depressed about it.  It is what it is, or is it?

I remember when I first moved to Maryland, out of my parents’ home.  I was used to coming home to people, saying “hello” and going to my room.  If I left something on the floor, it was usually put away by the time I returned (with some for of recognition from my mother).  Once I moved, I came home to an empty apartment, leaving items on the floor for me to pic up upon return.   There was no one there except for me.  *cue sappy music*

The same still holds true, even now.  I come home to an empty place, with no one here.  I’m miles away from my family, but it’s okay.  I just consider what I’m doing, living here, as adding another branch onto the Brown Family tree.  I may feel lonely at times, but I know that I’m not truly alone.  I know whose I am.  That’s all that matters.

All hope is not lost.  I’m looking forward to new people, places and adventures coming my way.  Things are getting even brighter than before.  With my hands in my pockets, I’m settling into the horizon of the better version of me.  Good times ahead.  For sure.

Until Next Time,

Love & Peace.



3 thoughts on “What isn’t, is.

  1. Lonely is just an opportunity to open up the doors for more life to enter. ❤ Proud of you, and am looking forward to seeing your future unfold in front of you. My advice? Don't look to the horizon for a better version of "you"… he's already there, right inside your heart! Just givelovelive+, and "he" will bubble right on up to the surface!!


    1. I could’ve worded it, “I’m looking forward to future, better versions of myself, which are on the horizon.” They are definitely within, that’s for sure!


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