the QUESTion


“Is this all to life,” you ask?  Deep inside, you know that there’s more.

You don’t seem to understand why you were made the way that you are.  You wonder why you feel the way that you do, but don’t have a clue.  Questioning only leads to more unanswered questions.  It gets tough at times.   There’s something tugging at your soul; you don’t know what it is.  All you know is something enormous has been placed inside of you, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

You are constantly in torment.  Some days, you don’t want to eat.  Other days, you can’t sleep.  You walk around in a cerebral fog, not making any sense of it at all.  Screaming won’t help.  Meditating doesn’t work.  Exercising just makes you sweaty.  The more you focus on trivial activities, the more mundane they become.  All you want to do is find out…what….are….you….supposed….to…be….doing.

You are wonderfully terrified.  On the one hand: you excitedly want to know.  Yet on the other, you have a secret fear of being great.  It’s the great divide.  But, if you give in to discovering yourself, you will silently give others permission to do the same.

But, whatever you do, make sure that you never stop until you find out what “this” is.  Chances are, when you do find out, it’ll fuel you to run without ceasing.


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