Not just Anyone-Part deux

I’ve turned a corner.

For the first time in my life, I’ve learned more about my self that I’ve ever cared to know.  But in particular, I know that I’m no longer satisfied with sharing my life with just anyone.

[Note: This is no “dis” to my ex’s.  I’m acknowledging a few observances within my own life.  Are we cool?  Good.] 

I have written down, “Never settle for less than God’s best!”  Settling in my life is something I unconsciously chose to do, because the way I saw myself left more to be desired.  For all intents and purposes, let’s call this low self-esteem.  Because I didn’t know my worth, I was treated less than I’m worth.  Can you dig it?

My father said this to me on Father’s Day, “Son, you will meet a woman who will treat you like a prince.  When you do, you make sure you treat her like a princess.”  Gotcha, Pop.  I totally get what he’s saying.  The key is that there is a mutual, genuine appreciation for one another.  I won’t need to “put on” and this & that to gain her attention.  She’ll recognize and appreciate me for who I am (as I will her).

I would dare to say that we all want to be appreciated in all our relationships (family, platonic, or otherwise); And if we are not appreciated, the right is yours to leave.

I love her already....
I love her already….

And with that, I leave you with a snapshot of my prayer list.  You’ll know who it’s for when you read it.  Remember: Settle not for just anyone; Settle for THE ONE.

Until next time.

Love and Peace.



2 thoughts on “Not just Anyone-Part deux

  1. You are awesome and you deserve to be appreciated! You will find her and when you do, you will know it. Keep on being awesome, positive, and above all else… an amazing Herbie! 🙂


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