A Letter to My Son

This is a letter to my future son.  Although I currently don’t have any children, I imagine this is how the letter would go. Also, I’m listening to a song I wrote entitled “Sovereign Solitude,” to help me capture the right moment. I invite you to listen as you read this as well.

“Hello son,

I hope that you’re well. Listen, I’ve been thinking about a few things that I need to kinda “get off of my chest, ” LOL. You know your ole’ man well. I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you, for navigating your way through life thus far. You might say that your mother and I did an awesome job of raising you, but we just did our part. You deserve some credit too. True, we helped to teach you right from wrong, how to make up your bed, ride a bike, look a man in his eyes when you firmly shake hands, but you still had to display those lessons in our absence. For that I am truly grateful.

It takes great discipline to graduate college (at the top of your class), and move across the country to start your own life. Your mother and I miss you dearly, but realize that you must walk your own path in this life. It’s the natural progression of things. I have prayed for you every night, even before you were born, that we would have a child that would serve people, love God and follow his own heart. You, my son, are that person. Understandably, you were not perfect growing up, and required some correction, but your mother and I wanted to ensure that we took care of our blessing from God [you] as best as we could.

It seems like yesterday, when we brought you home from the hospital. I wept as I held you in my arms. I looked into those little brown eyes and thought, “God, what am I gonna do now? I’m somebody’s daddy.” I just couldn’t believe it. Wow. “I have a namesake….an heir to the throne,” I thought. I was so happy to call your grand parents and let them know the great news, that they have a new grandson. Your Grandaddy was especially proud because you’re officially the “Third,” and he couldn’t wait to call you “Tre.”

It was hard seeing you cry, when you fell off of your bike, scraping your knee, but you got up and persisted until you could do it. I wanted so badly to pick you up, but I had to “lay back” and let you learn how to pick yourself up. I told your mother that it hurt me to see you not make the basketball team, after you practiced relentlessly in the driveway. You even slept with that dirty basketball (lol). I wanted to hug you when you experienced your first heartbreak, but I just firmly told you that you would find the one that would take your breath away (just like the woman I found in your mother). I didn’t tell you this, but later that night, I shed a tear for you, too.

I apologize for not always outwardly showing my affection towards you. I’ve always loved you deeply, I just had to be the father that you needed me to be, not the one that you wanted me to be. C’mon son, you know you’re the “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh” as your Grandaddy says. LOL.

I’ve made my share of mistakes, too. Maybe I could’ve been a tad bit more lenient on you in some situations, but by God’s grace, you have become a fine man. Although I tried to spend as much time as I could with you, I wanted to be sure that I provided the best living I could for you guys. I will always wish I had more time to spend with you (when you were younger). We still miss the “pitter-patter” of your feet running around the house. That warms my heart just thinking about it.

So, as you and your wife are about to have your first child, I want you to know that I am so proud of you and will love you forever.

Take care, son.




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