Memoires of a Soldier’s Son


Okay, so I realize you guys haven’t heard from me in quite a while.  Well, I have a valid excuse (not really).  I have been busy doing blah, blah, blah……Yeah, I’ve been busy, but who hasn’t?  I honestly have had quite a bit to talk about, but I wanted to make sure that my post had some kind of continuity in thought (and not sound like a laser-chasing cat wrote it).  So, I apologize to all of the people that have wondered what happened to me.  I’m still kicking!

I was watching the National Memorial Day Concert on public television today, and so many emotions were vibrating through me.  My mind gently slipped into thoughts of those in my life whose service I am thankful for.  One of my lasting memories of my now deceased grandfather was when we were all attending my sister’s graduation.  They asked that all servicemen…

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