Holding on for dear life

I hate heights.  I’ve had this fear since childhood.  It may change, though.  Let’s commence with the story.

We had taken the students on a field trip to an amusement park on Friday.  The adults decided to walk around the park.  They wanted to ride something called Fahrenheit.  When I saw it, I immediately said, “I’m just gonna walk through the line with you guys, and then hold your stuff, while y’all go on the ride.”  [I just realized how dumb of a statement that was, seeing it in writing.]  I talked myself into it after waiting for 45 minutes.  I had help from my confidants, too (of course).    While in line, I thought, “You know, I should do this.  I have to do something different.  C’mon man, you can do this.”

Fast-forwarding>>>>>>It’s showtime!  First, being an inexperienced roller coaster rider, I sat in the seat with my book bag on.  I was so flustered, I just didn’t give a f– well, you know what I didn’t give.  After the attendant took my bag and hat, I was strapped in.  It felt like my breathing was restricted as my heart began pumping slightly harder than it had before.  I could feel it thumping in my neck as we road into a 90° position.  I was still cool, though.

My friend was strapped next to me, expressing his excitement about the ride.  I really didn’t care what he was saying.  But at any rate, I was kinda-sorta hearing him, also hearing the girl behind me, as she said, “I’m beginning to think this wasn’t a good idea.”  I silently agreed with her sediments.  By no means, was I cool about this idea any longer.

My heart began to pound harder, as I also started breathing from my diaphragm (fine time to use proper vocal techniques, smh).  As my friend kept talking to me, the last thing I remember saying was,”You’ll be alr….”  WOOSH!!!

To be continued…..


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