You Are Remembered

Well, today is Mother’s Day1  As I do every year, I sent individual messages Mom&meto as many mothers as I could remember (it’s 2218 and I just sent a text to a person I forgot…oops).  While this is time consuming, I felt like it was worth the effort.  I even called my own mom, and once we got past the “you-need-to-do-better” speech because her card will be late (she was partially kidding), we shared a few laughs.  While I had to endure the borderline-tirade, I was thankful that I was able to still hear her voice.

Beyond that thought, a question lingered: What about those who can’t hear their mother’s voices again?  I could only imagine how tough it must be for those whose mothers have transitioned to the world beyond.

Along with the text messages I sent to mothers, I also sent a few out to my friends who didn’t have their mothers any longer.  I didn’t want them to think that no one was thinking of them on this day.  I just wanted them to know, “I remembered you.”

I remembered that this day must seem to be unbearable without mom around.  I thought that with all of the “Happy Mother’s Day,” messages floating around on the internet, it may actually be causing a deeper sink into the disparity of being motherless within my friends.  It was important to me that they know, “You’re not alone.  I’m right here to support you.”

I thought even further still.  After reading a friend’s status, I thought about those women who want to have children, and it hasn’t happened for them yet.  I remembered you, too.  There is still hope.  Things will happen when they are supposed to.  There’s still time.  Remember that time was created for us by God.  He sits outside of it.  Therefore, your “time” will come when He deems it right.  But until then, just wait.  This may be the season of your life that being used to sharpen things within your character; to focus on yourself.  Keep investing in yourself.  It will be worth it.

As I close, I was tagged in a message by one of my aforementioned friends.  I will leave you with this pic (it’s 2312 and he just sent me another message thanking me again).  It was my pleasure, bro.

Mother's DayUntil next time,

Love & Peace.



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