The Year’s End

Alas, we are alone.  Just you and me….and every other person who will read this.  Okay, okay.  You get the point.  LOL.  This year has been tortuously amazing.  I’ve had the unfortunate, yet necessary pleasure of losing a few things along the way.

The interesting conundrum about losing such things is that I feel like I’m being stripped of essentials that I have learned to cling to.  It’s hard because I’ve collected “things” in my life that either were never meant to be there to begin with or were left lingering well after their expiration date.  Being so close to the situation, I’ve had a difficult time of deciphering between what can stay and that which must go.

I understand that things don’t arbitrarily happen in my life; they are supposed to occur.  Although I may not know the answer to everything that happens to me, I have the faith that they have  divine purpose.  I welcome a new year, another chance, a new day; all to get it right.

Folly BeachThis picture was taken at Folly Beach.  By taking the photo from this angle, I see a greater lesson.  This pier represents my 2013 (and no, it’s not made up of algae-growing joists, lol).  I’ve noticed that the pier is elevated.  This encourages me because  where I currently am (2012)  is good for right now but 2013 will provide greater opportunities to achieve, grow and serve more.  Notice that the pier’s end is beyond my view.  I must have the courage (and faith) to go beyond what I cannot see, however daunting the task.  I must continue to use wisdom in each decision that I make.  2013 is going to be freakin’ awesome, dope, or whatever you choose to call it.  I already know.

Hmm.  I hear my theme for 2013: “Greater Faith=Greater Opportunities.”  I can dig it.

Until Next time,

Love , Peace & Faith.


Note: A special thank you to everyone who read any posts, liked them or followed me.  I appreciate your time that you invested in reading.  It doesn’t go unnoticed. 


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