…let me count the ways.

Over the past few days, I have had the pleasure of doing something that was really special.  I spent time with my family for Thanksgiving.  Doesn’t sound so remarkable, does it?  It was very special because our family was able to travel to Atlanta and spend time at my older brother’s house.  For my father, in particular, it marked the first time he had been away from home on Turkey Day since 1974. That’s a bit insane.

It further was special because it was the first time that my older bro was able to see his only nephew in person.  The two of them lit up when they saw each other (both my bro and nephew).  You might remember in a previous post that my nephew was born a short time ago (see Happy Birthday!).  Also, for the first time, the sister-in-loves were able to meet each other (my younger bro and older bro’s wives).  This also was my first visit to my brother’s house since they moved in a year ago.

Sidebar: Um, this house is a real-life MTV Crib.  That is all.

Moving right along, it was so beautiful to see them all: Mom & Dad, brothers & sisters (in-loves included), nieces and nephews.  It was a sight to behold, and that’s the truth.

Prior to prayer at the table, we took turns saying what we were most thankful for.  As I listened to the others give thanks, I began to think of what I was most thankful for.  I told everyone that, “I’m most thankful for the support that I received over the last year and a half [alluding to my divorce; I’ll delve into that event in a later post].  It was a bit of ‘touch & go’ for a while, [but I appreciate you all].”  I had to stop talking because I was shortly to become overwhelmed with emotion.  I was just so thankful, at that moment, for being surrounded by so much love.

Love brought me through my darkest hour.  Love picked me up out of my depressed stupor.  Even when I couldn’t see my way, love carried me beyond my limit and brought be back better, stronger and anew.  Damn.  Love.  That’s what it’s been about this whole time.  I’m sitting here in Starbucks just now realizing the truth.  Wow.  I endured hardship to recognize what love truly looks like.  It’s crazy because we often miss the gift because of the package its wrapped in.  I’ve been guilty of this, time and time again, but hopefully I’m beginning to make less mistakes in this area, more often.

I end this post with a portion of a text my older brother sent to all of us, on behalf of his family.

Until next time,

Love & Peace.



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