The Forbidden Seat (Saturday 6 February 2010)

I wrote this note after reading the vast reactions regarding one of my college friends being indicted.  I still feel this way, even now. 

“The forbidden seat called “The Judgement Seat”.

“So, I found out that a college friend of mine got arrested for having sex with a minor. It concerned me because I was deeply disappointed. My last memory of him was of the two of us laughing about something that happened during the school day. Since the story broke yesterday, I have observed some rather interesting things. Some people have put in their status, questions like, “How can anyone do that,” or “He is sick and nasty”. The fact of the matter is that everyone has dirt, and the reason why people feel justified in sitting in the “forbidden seat” is because their number hasn’t been called: YET.

Okay, well, maybe you don’t have sex with minors, but you embezzle money from your company and no one knows about it. Maybe you sleep with other women/men outside of your relationship (regardless if it’s a marriage or not). Maybe you cursed someone out, when you knew you were dead wrong. Not that serious for you, huh? Maybe you took a pack of printer paper from work, and you said to yourself, boldly, “They owe me at least this much.” The point is cats [people] are quick to point out the faults of others, but forget about their own. The fact is that we all do things that we shouldn’t do or shouldn’t have done: and we still are doing them (we all fall short; including me).

We’re even quicker to say that, “I would NEVER do this”, or “How could they do that?” I’ve learned that never say what you will never do, because you never know what you could fall subject to. I can tell you that I will not do drugs, but given the right circumstances, I will be right up in there doing drugs. That’s why everyone has been making a big fuss about the men who have had their “whistle blown” due to infidelity. Some of the MAIN folks that are “up in arms” about it are the SAME folks who have done it, are doing it, or thought about it. Their number just hasn’t been called. Or maybe they got away with it. Females lead the conversation on this one, and females are smarter than males, so they could’ve easily done the same thing (and often times do). But who cares about that, right? Let’s stay focused on the topic at hand: THEY cheated. THEY’RE in the news. That’s hilarious (I’m being satyrical).

The point of all this is that could’ve been you today, but it wasn’t. THANK GOD.”

Until next time,

Love & Peace



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