Lead Your Thoughts

Man, things are really shaping up.  My life is taking a turn with a humungous upswing.  It’s not often that I get overly excited about things, but I’m certainly enjoying this ride.  My personal goals are shaping up, I’m loving school like never before, and crooked roads are being straightened in my personal life (as we speak).  I can’t exactly explain why all these things are happening seemingly all at once, but I am enjoying every minute.

.the sun beyond the trees…

I can begin to see the approaching sun on the horizon; the light at the end of the tunnel.  My “inner circle” knows that I’ve had quite a struggle in the past 18+ months or so.  Is everything perfect in my life right now?  Nah, I just choose to focus on the rays of “sunshine” in my life.  That’s all.  A question came to my mind the other night: What’s life without difficulty?  Without the rough times, how would you recognize the good ones?  Without trials, my life would be pretty mundane.  There would be no need for hope.   That would be a very dismal life, indeed.

I’m putting into action the ability to accept the bitter with the sweet, if you will.  Some instances are easier than others, but I’m actively trying.  It’s a choice.  I can complain about how things currently look, or how they possibly could look.  It’s up to me.  I will keep pressing forward towards the mark.  I have to see what else is out there.  It’s a big world, and I won’t allow a few bumps to spoil it for me.

Choose the way you think.  Lead your thoughts.  You have the power to do it.

Until Next time,

Love & Peace.



2 thoughts on “Lead Your Thoughts

  1. Nice…I’m happy that you’re happy! The blog would’ve been even better if you could’ve read it to me!


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