Love Out Loud (Part deaux)!

Love in Action

So, as I explained in Love Out Loud Pt. 1, my family came to visit.  One of our excursions lead us to Georgetown.  While walking, they decided to get lunch.  The barbecue spot was a quaint, open-air restaurant.  I arrived about 15 minutes after they were seated, because I was completing errands previously.  When I arrived, I could tell that there was a feeling of unrest.  Actually, there was more than a feeling, because my mother was vocalizing her disdain for the service at that point.

I ordered my food, which was a simple turkey club.  Withing five to seven minutes, my food arrived at the table.  At that moment, everyone else looked around as though they had seen a unicorn.  “I don’t believe this,” and “C’mon now,” were comments that I heard.  As I bit into that perfectly made sandwich, the meaner the faces became.  LOL.  Just kidding.  I’m KIDDING.  But in fairness, the very act of me getting my food before the rest of the table incited a suppressed riot.  Another waitress attended our table saying, “I will be helping with this table.  It’s you’re other waitress’ first day.”  We’ll call the original waitress Liz, and the new waitress Melissa.

Each time that Liz came to the table, she seemed to be flustered.  It also seemed that Murphy’s Law was in full effect.  “It’s not Liz’s fault that the kitchen is slow,” I thought.  She was having trouble serving the drinks as well.  I mean it was bad.  I imagine that it was alot easy for me to afford her more compassion, seeing as though I literally had no wait time to received my food.

By the end of the meal, Liz and Melissa were apologizing profusely for the long waits we experienced.  Liz was truly frazzled and remorseful, but there was nothing that could be done.  I felt like we couldn’t have redeemed time by complaining, so the whole ordeal should be dropped.  As we collected ourselves (after paying), I did something that has become very instinctual: I wrote.  At the bottom of my receipt, I wrote what you see in the picture above.  I felt compelled to do it.  God knew exactly what she needed at that moment and I was there to deliver.

After reading it, overheard her tell someone, “Aww.  That was sweet.”  Mission accomplished.  That made my heart glad that it touched hers.   I wanted her to know that I saw her trying to do well.  Also, I wrote that note to let her know that she just needs to keep….on….going.  That’s all.  Simply complex.

I am reminded always to do all you can, while you can.  You just never know what good you can help spread.  Your words are more powerful than you give them credit for.  Be encouraged.

Until next time.

Love & Peace,

-Herbie xoxox


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