The most unlikely gift

the morning sky…

At first, yesterday shaped up to be somewhat grueling.  I agreed to help a dear friend move.  [This is also the same friend whose wedding I attended a few weeks ago.  Read the post “Heart Smiles” for details.]  If you know me, you will know that I detest moving with a passion!  I would rather burn everything and start from scratch.  My loathing for moving is so fierce that I’ve decided that the next time I move, I’m going to have a “cash & carry” sale.  I’m selling everything that I possibly can!

Getting back to the story, I agreed to help her move, considering, well, I’m her friend (and she could use the help).  I was thinking the entire time while I was driving, “I hate moving.  I really hate moving.  I hope this stuff isn’t that heavy.”  Way to get motivated, right?  LOL.  Anyway, I hated moving up until I touched the first couch.  Yes, it was kind of heavy.  Yes we had to finagle the couch out of the apartment and down four flights of stairs.  But my mind wasn’t focused on that.  Before too long, I was actually having fun.  Her family was there, and it gave me the opportunity to connect with them on a deeper level. They are some of the nicest, most genuine and wholesome people that I have met in a long time.  They embrace people right away.  Due to the language barrier, I even felt that her parents were the same way.

There’s something that happens to people when they struggle together.  In this case, we were lifting, grunting, sweating and moving items back and forth.  In my opinion, struggle is one of the great equalizers.  It eliminates the unnecessary “fluff” associated with meeting people for the first time (being cordial, speaking nicely, smiling and et cetera).   I felt like I was helping my biological family move.  I guess that’s what happens when you meet people who are made of the same “fabric” as you.  This experience has deepened my love for them.  Before I left, I had connected with a fellow musician, and I thoroughly enjoyed that.

From all of this, I have learned a greater lesson.  I am certain that my friend appreciated me helping her move.  I am sure of it.  By the time I left I wanted to thank her for letting me help.

*record scratches*  What?  Is that right?

Yes, that’s right.  I felt as though all I did was give of my time. Besides, I would’ve felt guilty if I didn’t help, because I knew I could have.  The greater good I gleaned from this is that you can tell people that you love them every second of every minute of the day, but until you put your words into action, they will be just words.  Actions will convey more than any amount of words ever could.  Although I’m extremely achy this morning, I willing wear this badge of honor.  With each wince of pain I mutter today, I will remember how I was able to help someone (and be blessed in the process).

Remember: Do all that you can, while you can.

Until Next time,

Love & Peace.



6 thoughts on “The most unlikely gift

  1. Stumbled upon your blog from the Good Man Project. Liking what I’ve read so far. Kudos to you for sharing yourself with us…’ve gained another loyal follower.


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