Heart Smiles

A glimpse of weekend’s past…

Heart Smiles😦n): a feeling springing forth from within, at the sight or thought of love being expressed through words a/o deeds (I made that up myself).

I received a phone call this past Friday, at about 1430.  I answered.

Me: “Hello.”

Pop: “What’s going on, boyee?!  That was a top-notch letter you sent us!  I appreciated the money, but the letter was super!  Man that was from the heart.”

Me: “I’m glad you liked it,man.  I just thought I would tell you guys how much I thought of you.  That’s all.”

Pop: “Yeah man!  Momma started reading that letter, and I said, ‘Great God!'”

Me: “I’m glad ya’ll like it.”

I could barely get a word in edgewise.  Both he and momma were so appreciative.  The truth is that I was just happy to have the ability to bless my parents with a mere $100 and a letter from the heart.  The older I get, the simpler things become.  Life’s simple gifts.

Shortly thereafter, I had the honor of witnessing one my new, closest friends get married.  It was a marvelous sight.  I was simply appreciative that they thought enough to invite me to share their special day.  I have been around the two of them on a few occasions, and they speak to each other with such care and respect.  They take great care of one another, and that’s what love is all about (I believe).  Compassion.  Care.  Concern.

In honor of Father’s Day, I have included a short video.

It seems as though I am becoming more aware of “Heart smiles” everyday.  I am thankful for the ability to see such occurrences in a world that seems to be preoccupied with anything else but.  It amazes me, the many forms of love I see all of the time.  It gives me hope and encouragement to continue showing love to every person I come into contact with.

What will you do to pass the love around?  It doesn’t take much.  A smile.  Letting someone get over in the lane ahead of you.  These things don’t cost anything.  It sounds pretty simple to me.  Do something to make someone’s day special.  Be the change that you want to see in the world.  That’s who I’m striving to be (among other things).

Until next time.

Love & Peace



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