What’s missing?

Greetings to all of the fantabulous readers out there (fantastic+fabulous=fantabulous)!  I bring you greetings from the penthouse floor of my building, where I reside.  Who cares if my building only has three floors?  That’s not the point.  Let’s get right to it.

Lately, I am constantly being reminded that everything requires a process.  I find myself wanting…..what I

From werewolf, to human. LOL...

want…..right away!  Yes, this probably means that I’m, well, impatient.  But I mean well, right?  The picture shows how beastly I looked before the transformation know as a haircut.  What is missing is the middle part called: the process.  We seem to conveniently forget that most things require a process (well, I do, at least).  Even if I have the faith that I will forgive someone, it is a rarity that I will do it at the “snap” of my fingers.  I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work that way.  It would be pretty awesome if I could, though.  It requires my heart to be changed towards that person, which is a transformation within itself.

Earlier on in life, I used to look at people on music award shows, who seemed to “have it all together”.  I used to think, “Man, that person is lucky.  They get whatever they want.”  I didn’t think about what they might’ve looked like before that night.  I’m sure they were booed, kicked out of night clubs, laughed at, spit on, and had other various objects hurled in their general direction.  But I didn’t think of any of those things at the time.  I just didn’t have the mental capacity for such things.  I probably didn’t care, honestly.  Now, when I see people on award shows, I think more intently about their process.   I’m sure they have quite a story to tell.  Maybe their award-winning song was birthed out of the loss of a loved-one.  Maybe they had to live out of a car for a while.  Maybe they even had to sell all of their possessions to move closer towards their dream.

There may be some of you reading this right now, that are wondering, “How does this guy have so much insight?”  Just know that I am experiencing something called life, and I’m only writing down observations about my twisty, winding journey thus far.  Yes, I have encountered a few bumps, stretches of mud, potholes and even smooth pavement as well.  We are the sum of our experiences, and those experiences help to shape us.  As I reflect upon my own life, I see what has shaped me thus far.  I am reminded that I just didn’t become this person over night:  It required a process.

Until next time.

Love & Peace



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