Does it get any better than this?!

I am happy to announce that I have a new writing spot!  Oww!

Announcer: “Tell him what he’s won, Johnny!”

Johnny: “An all-inclusive, internet surfing package to Panera Bread (food, drink, and desert sold seperately).”

So, the other day, I wore a bow tie to school.  One of my friends says (in her authentic Salvadorian accent), “You look like a teddy bear, Brown.  Hehe.”  I chuckled because I thought she was absolutely right.  I just never looked at myself like that.  To make matters worse, my students told me after school, “Mr. Brown, you look like an expensive teddy bear, because you have glasses on.”  That tickled me “pink”.  Hey, you gotta have a laugh everyday, right?  Even if it’s at yourself!

About a month ago, I met this cool brother before the screening of a movie at our church.  Have you ever met someone that you knew you would be instantly great friends?  I must admit: Normally, that doesn’t happen to me at all.  I’m not sure why, but it just doesn’t.  But this time, lightning struck.  Although our conversation was brief, I left feeling compelled for us to speak again.  We would see each other at church periodically since our initial introduction, but we really didn’t get a chance to really sit down to have a “man to man” -type conversation.  This past Sunday, I greeted him and his wife as I usually do.  We were happy to see each other, as always.  This time, we decided to set a date and time to connect.  The date was set for today at 5.  Before we concluded our conversation, I said, “I’m looking forward to it, bro.”  And he agreed.

We met at a popular bread-type location.  We both ordered our food and sat down.  The conversation begins with this gambit: “I don’t want to sound like this is an interview, but what’s the story of Herbie?”  Why did he ask me that?  I began talking.  And talking (seasoned by sprigs of interjections from him as well).  I gave him the abridged version of my life summed up in 3 minutes worth of seemingly aimless babbling.  Then, he began talking.  And talking.  A strange thing happened:  We started talking about music.

Instantly, our conversation elevated to a new plateau.  It was unbelievable.  We started talking about our love of music.  Man-oh-man.  In an hour and a half (which felt like 30-minutes), we had covered a plethora of topics: life lessons, joys, failures, disappointments and the like.  Out of everything, though, the exchange of disappointments really struck a chord (sorry, I couldn’t resist the musical pun).  In particular, it was a comforting reminder that everyone is dealing with something.  We all have things we’re going through; some things that we’d much rather read about, instead of having a front-row seat to discomfort.  It is with this sober thought that propels me forward in my quest to find out what else is to be revealed in the “Story of Herbie”.

The night ended with us making it a point to be more deliberate about meeting again.  Next up: Music Listening Session!  It’s so refreshing to having your mind sharpened by a fellow brother in the struggle. Word.

….As iron sharpens iron, yo (Proverbs 27:17).

Love and Peace.



3 thoughts on “Does it get any better than this?!

  1. Herbie,
    You are amazing. The next time you come to town I want you to meet Ronnie Ward. He is the band director at my school. He plays trumpet with a group called Souled Out. Love you man. Keep the faith
    Aunt Kathy


  2. Awesome man !! Praise God another talent being portray for Kingdom Advancement . It’s amazing what we have on the inside of us .. Man i really enjoy the article man . Divine connections by God are awesome man . I just meet an gentleman in the park the other day ” Tommy Ready ” I will never forgot this man . You are right we all are dealing with something . I believe this is why God places individuals in our life to encourage one another . Just like you reference ” iron sharpen iron. These are the best type of relationships to build a solid friendship on . God bless you man .. Love the blogs .. Keep them coming man . Peace …


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