Vroom! Vroom!

Look what I got!

So, I received this “fortune” out of a fortune cookie last week, I think.  It tells how I feel, but boy, if only I could feel that way all of the time (ha!).  Seriously, I know that I am destined for great things, but I never thought that most consistently until now.  I guess it has always really been there, but as you get older, you encounter certain events that cloud your perception.

Let’s take children, for instance.  I have the pleasure of seeing their very unique perspective, particularly because I have spent the past six years teaching elementary school music.  Children only want food, love and sleep.  These are the barest of necessities, but at the same token, the most imperative.  The order is debatable.  I witnessed a student tell another student that he was “stink”.  The “stink” student said, “so”, and both kept playing.  Oh, how simple it is to be a child.  If only adults’ thoughts were as simple as children.

I can remember my mom saying in high school, “Boy, enjoy your time in school, because one day you’ll want these days back.”  I never forgot those words, but never knew how insightful they would be to me until now.  Joni Mitchell wrote a song called, “Got ’til it’s gone,” and I certainly understand what both women were saying.  Even though my school days left something to be desired, I still would like another go at it.  “If I knew then what I know now, ” can easily be the anthem for millions everywhere.  Oh the things I would change.  What if you were your own “ghost of Christmas past”?  How insane would that be?  I would be more outgoing, and “throw caution to the wind”.  I am slowly learning how to be more carefree in adulthood.  I would “pop up” in my own life, only to help my younger self go talk to that girl that I thought was the finest thing in……well……kindergarten (Crystal).

*She wore boots and had freckles (of course she had other articles of clothing on, duh).  Man, I thought she was the “cat’s meow”.

[Steps out of time machine.]

Anyway, you see what I mean?  Goodness, the things I could change.  I would be the man if I could go back!  I realize I’m being rather facetious considering I am the sum of my experiences, and I am thankful for this journey (yes, even in the valleys).  Through valleys, one learns how to appreciate the nearby peaks.

As I wrap up this post, let me remind you that in the valley, it can be a damp, dark place.  Just keep looking for the shadow, because where there’s a shadow, there has to be light somewhere.  Remember, you are someone who is going places in life.

Peace and love.


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