Ahhhh….what a feelin’!

A beautiful, pink sunrise

This picture was taken on Friday, just before I left for school.  I just had to shoot this!  It is simply, just…..MUAH! What a masterpiece!  Let me offer this disclaimer up front : I am currently listening to “Old Blue Eyes”, so I apologize in advance if this post is a little grandiose.  This picture, the music, infused with distant thoughts of a romantic comedy and you’ll have a romance elixir: straight, with no chaser.  Which reminds me, where’s my cocktail?  You can’t find good help anywhere in this establishment!  I should have a martini on my table (in honor of Frank, of course).  Oh, but wait, I just realized that they don’t sell alcoholic drinks in Starbucks – yet, that is. Enough of this foolish talk. [Ousts Frankie from my headphones.]

I can’t tell you what has gotten “into” me the last few weeks.  I feel as though I have definitely turned a corner in my life.  For starters, I taught my first piano lesson, EVER, on Saturday.  It was great, but I have a lot of work to do before our next lesson.  Also, I have this insane idea that I’m going to finally launch my business this year!  Lawd, help me!  Hahaha.  Okay, it won’t be that bad, I’m sure.  I’ve had this dream for years involving my brother and I starting a media company.  It’s FINALLY going to happen!  He and I have some humungous plans through music.  We will travel the world with this music.  It’s gonna be A-W-E-S-O-M-E (and yes, I did just spell out that word out, lol)!  And that’s just the beginning.  We will do so well, I’m sure.  I can’t wait for things to come!  Ungh (sorry, I’m listening to James Brown, now)!

I have this excitement that I don’t ever remember having: EVER.  It’s as if I’m waiting for something “mind-blowing” to happen.  I think that’s what people call…..anticipation?  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Honestly, I’m not nearly concerned with the proper term as much as I am about the feeling.  This feeling can stay around forever, for all I care.  It’s refreshing, exuberant, jubilant, et cetera.  Shall I keep going?  I must.  The point is that I am thankful for this feeling, however, wherever or whomever it came from (although I have a pretty good idea where it came from).  I find myself daydreaming, but it’s different now.  My perspective has changed.  Before, I would daydream and practically leave it at that: just a daydream (from the outside, looking in, if you will).  Now, when I daydream, I see it from the inside: as if I’m there.  I can see myself accomplishing anything.  I envision a blank canvas before me, and I can paint the kind of life that I want.  I used to think that I had to choose only one track.  I couldn’t deviate from the path at all.  It’s up to me now.  I “got the juice” (oh Lord, that was cheesy).  I am determined to live life to the fullest, and I’m just getting started.  Word.


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh….what a feelin’!

  1. It has been one of my dreams to go back in time and meet the Rat Pack. Sammy, Frankie, Dean…..oh my goodness I would love it! I am a huge fan of Frankie and Nancy and Dean and Sammy……jazz and blues are my pentultimate favorite types of music.

    Love the positive attitude! Gotta live it, for sure. There is a bit of light and positivity to all situations, so much easier to find and focus on that and never dwell on the negative.
    That’s my two cents.

    Again, love the inspiration! You’re going to have an amazing year.


    1. It would be cool to meet the Rat Pack. I think they would probably vote me in after they heard this smooth tenor voice (LOL). I think their music was so mellow, hip and happenin’. It would be awesome to do a duet with ole’ Frankie.

      I try to focus on the positive, which has taken much work! It’s tough! *wiping brow* It’s still not a habit yet, so I have to deliberately focus on such things.

      Wow. Thank you for your comment, “You’re going to have an amazing year.” I truly believe that. Besides, last year was pretty tough, as far as years go (8.5 on the richter scale, LOL). It will be an amazing one, and so will yours, too.


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