Up and at ’em!

So, I’ve been up since 0430 est, due to a few thing that are running through my head.  As much as I would like to get into specifics, I will have to spare you the laborious details.  Let’s just say, I’m going through a fairly tough life transition right now.  Toughest thing that I’ve going through to date.  I’m not totally down-trodden about it, though.  I am hoping that this situation will yield fruitful growth in my life.  Better still, I’m sure that it will (that rhymed, ha!).  Things will get better.  Word.I would like to encourage my readers.  Please understand that we all have gone, are going or will be going through something tough.  When we see someone who “looks” like everything is just “peachy” in their life, we have to remind ourselves that we am seeing the finished product.  We didn’t see their tears, how they almost didn’t make it, literally, and all of the sleepless nights.  There will be seasons of lean as well as plenty in our lives.  If we expect to be there during harvest, we need to be there during the labor as well.I used to think that my life could be “perfect”.  I use quotations because my idea of perfection was: a nice car, a lovely house, a wife and three kids with a dog named Spot and a successful career.  The minute that those things didn’t materialize, I immediately became disappointed and sometimes blatantly disrespectful to God.  Well, let me tell you that through the things and people that have been removed out of my life, I can tell you that my life is turning around to show traces of true perfection.  Perfection is loving everyone, which is a constant work in progress.  Perfection is family (hey, since you didn’t choose them, you gotta love ’em).  Family can be the unit you were born into, or it can be what you make it.  Some of my closest friends are my family.Well, that’s all I have for now.  I gotta prepare myself for church.  Peace y’all…….

Here’s what I’m listening to right now……


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