To whom much is given…..

…much is required of you to remain selfish!  No?  Did I get that wrong?  Well, I might not know it by how much we hoard here in America.  I find it nauseating to see how much money is spent on “stuff” in the “Land of Opportunity”.  I feel as though so much can be done, not only abroad, but right here in this country.  I feel like our economy would be a little better off if jobs were kept within the country.  I’m not an economist, but that just make sense to me.  There’s not anything wrong with helping out another country’s economy, but take care of home first.  We have so many homeless and hungry people who could do so much more, if only they were given a job.  These people live in the nation’s capital, or down the street, or near where I live.  God is calling us to show love through ministry, but not all ministry is meant to go internationally.  Ministry begins from within; within the country.  Ya know, there’s a song that says, “Sweep around your own front door, before you try to sweep around mine.”  In this instance, I agree.  Don’t misconstrue, there is a purpose for those who minister abroad, but I believe that there is an equal need for that same care here at home.I have noticed a student wearing the same pants everyday: since August.  Well, while at church yesterday, I felt an urge in my heart to buy this student a pair of pants.  So, today, I figured that the least I could do is ask if it was okay.  During dismissal, I asked the student what his home situation is like.  He informed me that he lives with his aunt and uncle.  I asked, “Do you think they would mind if I bought you a pair of pants?”  The boy responded, “Naw.  Thank you.”  I told him to make sure that it was okay with his folks.  As he said “thank you” I could discern a humbleness that is almost a rarity today.   I can see his face now.  So meek, and lowly, yet simply thankful to have someone think of him.  This much is for sure, I know that there was a reason that God allowed me to see the needs of this student.  I’m not sure of the details, but they will work themselves out.These are just a fraction of things that run through this brain.  I live to write another day.  Peace.


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