Inside my rearview

At breakfast the other day, hindsight came up.  In fact, the statement was said that, “Hindsight is 20/20.”  It can be thought of as being beautiful.  Yeah-hindsight is beautiful.  Hindsight affords us the opportunity to see things crystal-clearly, no longer being in the situation.

Inside my rearview. www.givelovelivemore.comMerriam-Webster defines hindsight as,”the knowledge and understanding that you have about an event only after it has happened.”  Wow: only after it has happened.  Why can’t things be obvious while I am going through it (that question pains me to even type)?  who knows: maybe things are obvious and I just choose to see what I want to.

I’ve learned so many lessons in hindsight.  Why couldn’t I have had these epiphanies on the front end?  Isn’t there value in foresight?  God only knows why I didn’t see what I was supposed to see until after it happened.

One of my greatest challenges these days is to shift my focus from hindsight to current awareness.  I’m drawing a blank as to how I will go about this paradigm shift.  I just know that I have to be present in each moment, learning all that I can along the way.  The great part about it all is that I can improve upon this daily!  It doesn’t have to happen overnight. What a relief!

Until next time,

Love & Peace.


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